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A Tale told by Tweets

A Tale told by Tweets

Boman Irani!

On Twitter, Boman Irani maintains a regular conversation with his fans, speaking (among other things) about his memories of being a prominent part of the journey of P Mark Mustard Oil over the past five years.

In one tweet, he went into flashback mode… sharing memories of the very first ad that he shot for P Mark Mustard Oil… he even shared a video pertaining to this memory.


Earlier, he had tweeted about the second ad… the online version of which went on to garner more than 2.4 million views!


And in this one, he tweets about how he went about preparing for his role as a tabla maestro in the ad mentioned above… it wasn’t only about putting on a flashy costume and a quirky wig – Boman even took tabla lessons to prepare for the role!


And so, the narrative continues… one Tweet at a time…

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