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Breathe Easy – with Mustard Oil


Across most Indian cities, the quality of air is degenerating rapidly because of worsening pollution. Here is a natural home remedy that can be very useful in decongesting our lungs, preventing the build-up of phlegm in the respiratory tract and keeping colds and coughs at bay.

Take a large pan of water and heat it till it begins to boil. Next add two tablespoons of Mustard Oil and mix it thoroughly with the boiling water – then add one tablespoon of caraway seeds (Black Jeera).

Take the pan off the flame with the liquid still boiling. Place it on a table mat. Cover your head with a towel and place your face over the pan (be careful). Close your eyes and inhale the steam through your nostrils in large deep breaths.

Almost immediately you will feel your nasal cavity opening up; and in a few minutes you can feel a clear, soothing sensation in your respiratory tract. This means that the good old-fashioned home remedy is working!

You can repeat this treatment as often as you like. There are no side-effects.

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