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Mustard Oil and Matters of the Mind


A new dangerous epidemic is sweeping across the world – Depression. Across the globe men, women, teenagers and senior citizens alike are becoming victims of this serious condition that doesn’t merely degrade the quality of life but can also turn out to be life-threatening in its advanced stages. Doctors from various fields of specialization are rolling their sleeves up and getting to work… because research has consistently been revealing that Depression is rooted in many physical health issues – not just mental ones.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cardiology found that depression and hypertension shared the same pathways. In essence, these two conditions were closely related to each other. The study put a set of patients through the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale survey. The patients exhibiting symptoms of chronic depression were checked for a history of hypertension – and it was found that the overwhelming majority of these patients had poor control of their blood pressure.

Here’s where the Mustard Oil angle comes in. One of the best ways to control blood pressure using natural methods is to include Mustard Oil in one’s daily diet. For starters, the nutrients in Mustard Oil keep the overall cardiovascular system healthy and functioning efficiently. Mustard Oil is very good for your heart, your blood vessels and your blood circulation system. It rectifies the balance of good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL) and keeps your triglyceride levels in check. Multiple research studies have shown that a regular intake of Mustard Oil can significantly reduce the risks of hypertension and Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD).

Thus, the dangers of sliding towards depression are lowered if one’s blood pressure is under control – and using natural cold-pressed Mustard Oil is a great way to do this. Do remember: in ancient India there is no known record of the existence of heart disease, hypertension or depression. Think about it.

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