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One Man, Many Faces!


As one of India’s most versatile character actors, Boman Irani has been a man of many faces. His most iconic roles have often involved radical transformations in his look – creating memorable onscreen personas brought alive by Boman’s fascinating skills as an actor.

If one thinks back on the sneering Professor Virus in 3 Idiots, the happy-go-lucky Sardar, Lucky Singh in Lage Raho Munna Bhai, or the villainous Vardaan in Don 2, one can hardly believe that it’s the same person!

Boman Irani now essays a whole new set of delightful characters in a series of ads for the latest campaign for P Mark Mustard Oil. In one ad, he is a disastrously incompetent translator who creates a major flare-up at a business meeting between an Indian company and a prospective overseas partner. In another ad, he is an overconfident but bungling chef who makes a complete mess while demonstrating how to make a simple Roomaali Roti. In the third ad, he takes on the role of an overexcited boxing coach whose over-the-top set of instructions eventually leads to his boxer losing the match.

This series of comedy-based ads is built on the basic premise that only a specialist can do the work of a specialist – thus reinforcing the brand’s positioning strategy of being “The Mustard Specialist since 1933”.

But enough said! The real joy lies in viewing these absolutely delightful ads and in enjoying Boman’s antics, quirks and boo-boos. In case you’ve missed them on TV, you can watch them here:

The brand’s relationship with its brand ambassador is in perfect synergy. One oil, many applications – and one man, many faces!

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