The Mustard Oil Lamp

Back in the old days before electricity changed our lives earthen lamps filled with mustard oil were lit in the evenings. It was an activity that involved the entire family. Some painted the earthen vessels. Some rolled the cotton wicks. Some filled the vessels with mustard oil.

There was a powerful rationale underlying the traditional mustard oil lamps. The smoke from these lamps had a purifying effect on the surrounding air. This smoke had no polluting effect – on the contrary, it had a pleasant musky aroma that acted as a deodorizer in addition to keeping mosquitoes and other insects away.

Moreover, the smoke from mustard oil lamps helped in preventing the outbreak of disease and also kept germ-carrying pests away from the house. That’s ancient Indian wisdom for you!

Sadly, today’s LED bulbs and ornate home lighting devices do not give you the health benefits that the humble earthen mustard oil lamp offered for thousands of years.

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