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Boman Irani’s Character Creation Process

P Mark Mustard Oil has something in common with its brand ambassador Boman Irani when it comes to their approach to excellence in their respective fields. Both follow a clearly defined process.

Boman Irani starts out by reading a new script several times to internalize the character. In his mind, he builds a rationale for the character’s behavior. How does this character think? What drives him? What angers him? What makes him do the things that the script requires him to do?

Once the inner nuances of the character are worked out, Boman begins working on the outer manifestations. How does this character speak? How does he behave? How does he interact with other characters in the film? These outer manifestations are what you eventually see in the movie theatre.

A great example to illustrate this process would be the unforgettable character of Professor Virus in ‘3 Idiots’. When Boman began reading the script, it revealed a quirky character with an inflated ego and an overwhelming sense of self-importance; a character who treated everyone else with disdain. In the outer manifestation, Boman created an arrogant character, swaggering through the corridors of the institution as if he owned the place. His sense of disdain for the world around him was communicated by a permanent sneer on his face – a look that was created by wearing an uncomfortable lower lip pad throughout the role! And finally, to avoid projecting too sinister a character (after all, the movie was a comedy) Boman added his masterstroke – the lisp.

For P Mark Mustard Oil too, the quest for excellence is strongly process-driven. It begins with sourcing the best seeds from India’s best mustard-growing regions. The seeds are then put through rigorous laboratory tests based on 14 different parameters. Any failure in these tests results in the seeds getting ejected from the production process.

The production process is stringently monitored with the oil passing through 52 quality checks along the way. The outcome: Mustard Oil that consumers have trusted for its quality and purity for more than 80 years.

Whether it is specialist character actor Boman Irani or the Mustard Specialist P Mark Mustard Oil, the processes may indeed be different but the destination is the same: Excellence!

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