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Boman Irani’s Formula for Success

P Mark Mustard Oil and its Brand Ambassador, Boman Irani, share many similarities with regard to their viewpoints on success and their respective journeys towards excellence.

Boman worked hard to establish himself as an actor – eventually rising to prominence with Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. In much the same way, P Mark Mustard Oil has focused on mustard oil – only mustard oil – for more than eighty years, working meticulously and painstakingly to ensure unwavering quality and purity. Today, Boman is undoubtedly a Specialist Character Actor par excellence while P Mark Mustard Oil has built up an impressive array of credentials that make it The Mustard Specialist.

In this short video, Boman explains what it takes to become a Specialist: hard work; only hard work. There are no shortcuts – none at all. You have to do your time… do what it takes… and finally make a breakthrough. And here’s where Boman raises a very pertinent warning: one has to work very hard to succeed – but thereafter, one has to struggle even harder to sustain one’s success. Thus, the Way of The Specialist is continuous, ongoing… never ending.

Boman’s formula for success resonates strongly with P Mark Mustard Oil. Even today, the Brand remains clearly focused on exceeding customer expectations on an ongoing basis… to sustain, strengthen and reinforce its role as The Mustard Specialist.

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