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Boman Irani – The Method behind the Madness

Boman Irani Housefull 3 Movie-Random-Picture

As an actor, Boman Irani’s entire approach to acting is quite amazing. Like many other seasoned Method Actors, Boman manages to completely immerse himself in the role – becoming in the process a different person altogether. Glimpses of this fascinating capability can be seen in Boman’s latest portrayal of Batook Patel in Housefull 3 where he plays a rich businessman in the shipping industry. This isn’t the first time that Boman plays the role of a shipping magnate; in his guest appearance in Luck By Chance, he says he’s purely a “shipping man” with no connection with the movie industry. The only connection, he goes on to say, was that his grandfather stayed in the same building as Sohrab Modi. And he says it all with such amazing conviction that one actually believes that he is indeed a traditional businessman with a distinct sense of disdain for the Indian film industry!

Cast your mind back on the lisping Professor Virus in 3 Idiots with his trousers high around his rotund belly. Can you believe that this is the same person who plays the villainous Vardaan in Don 2? Remember that menacing encounter between Don (Shahrukh Khan) and Vardaan in the prison yard. One can hardly believe this is the same person who plays the self-absorbed celebrity-obsessed Lucky Singh in Lage Raho Munna Bhai! When it comes to acting, Boman Irani is a specialist – there can be no doubt about that.


In a recent media interview, Abhishek Bachchan mentioned that he was nervous about getting the nuances of his role right in Housefull 3. Being new to the franchise, he wasn’t quite sure what fans of the Housefull series would be expecting. So what did he do? He consulted the “specialist” – Boman Irani. Abhishek recalls with gratitude how Boman Irani would come to his hotel room almost every night to rehearse the lines with him and to guide him on the finer details of his character – Bunty. And most people who have seen the movie have admitted that Abhishek has successfully managed to bring the right degree of quirkiness to the role.

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Brand P Mark, a leading mustard oil brand, did much the same thing when it started reinforcing its new brand communication platform: ‘The Mustard Specialist’. It signed on Boman Irani, the Acting Specialist, as its Brand Ambassador. P Mark is manufactured with the same single-minded focus and dedication that Boman Irani approaches each role with. Both share the same passion for perfection and excellence. From every perspective, the brand and its ambassador are a perfect match.

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