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Choosing the Right Mustard Oil

Back in the good old days, identifying good quality Mustard Oil was easy. You would take a little of the oil (just a drop was enough) and you would gently rub it into the palm of your hand – and smell it. The pungent zing in your nose would tell you that it was pure Mustard Oil. Even today, some people of the older generation continue to use this method.

But there’s a problem nowadays. Unscrupulous brands are using chemical and heating based oil extraction methods. This kills the nutrients – and the pungent aroma too. So here’s what such manufacturers do – they add artificial pungency! And to make matters worse, artificial pungency is another chemical.

So what can one do against such blatant misuse of Science? Very little, sadly; although the trained nose can detect artificial pungency, many consumers still fall prey to brands claiming to be cold-pressed (Kachchi Ghani) but are actually not so.

The only way out would be to trust brands that have stood the test of time and are known for their quality across decades. P Mark Mustard Oil is proud to be one such brand – delivering consistent quality and purity that consumers have trusted across generations… all the way since 1933.

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