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Hair Care for the Cold Winter Months


Winter is a season that makes hair care rather difficult. The scalp turns dry and it itches, causing additional discomfiture. This is also a time when dandruff problems get aggravated.

Here’s an ancient Ayurvedic home remedy that you can use for natural hair care during the winter months – or throughout the year if you want to.

In a pan mix cold-pressed Mustard Oil and cold-pressed coconut oil in a ratio of 2:1. Choose a quantity that suits your needs – but make enough only for one application at a time. Mix well so that the two oils blend to form a smooth thick substance. Heat the mixture gently till it becomes warm (not hot).

Use your hands and fingertips to massage this mixture gently into your hair, making sure you coat the strands from root to tip. In particular, ensure that the mixture reaches the scalp, so that it can moisturize and nourish the scalp and the base of hair.

Next, moisten a towel with hot water (or hot steam) and place it over your head, folding it into a cap-like covering. Keep the towel on for around 15 to 20 minutes, allowing the mixture to penetrate the pores of your scalp and nourish the epidermis and the base of the hair shafts.

When used regularly, this treatment can give you rich lustrous hair and a healthy scalp that keeps dandruff away all through the cold, dry winter months.

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