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How Boman Irani became a Tabla Maestro

In the earlier post on this blog, we talked about Boman Irani’s step by step method for creating characters and making them come to life. The same process went into the creation of the persona of the Tabla Maestro in the recent television commercial for P Mark Mustard Oil (for which Boman is the Brand Ambassador).

Boman Irani Birthday Greetings!

Boman does not believe that a character can be created simply by wearing a costume and donning a wig. To get under the skin of the Ustad in the ad, Boman actually took several classes with a tabla tutor who showed him the techniques employed for playing the tabla, along with other nuances like body language and showmanship.

In this short video, Boman tells you about this process of creating the Tabla Maestro – the attitude, the quirks, the facial expressions… and a very authentic tabla performance.

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