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How to Use Mustard Oil to Treat Asthma

Mustard Oil is a great tonic for human body and has its multiple medicinal benefits / uses. Usually, this edible oil is used widely in India for cooking, especially in North India but it is also used excessively for hairs, skin and other things to keep the body parts healthy. Scientists have also discovered that Mustard Oil is helpful in treating Asthma.

Wondering how? We will explain it how while you read this article!!

  1. Use a Mustard Oil Steam Treatment

  2. Heat a pot of water until it reaches a rapid boil

  3. Mix few spoons of mustard oil & caraway seeds

  4. Inhale the steam from the boiling water

This treatment can help your body to recover from Asthma and other respiratory diseases. One must keep his/her head directly over the pot of bucket and breathe slowly. It dilates your bronchial tubes and makes it is easier for you to breathe while an asthma attack.

P Mark Mustard Oil

                       P Mark Mustard Oil

  1. Use Brown Mustard Oil to Treat Asthma

  2. Massage brown mustard oil onto your chest during an asthma attack in place of an over-the-counter vapor rub. Breathing the mustard oil vapors will increase airflow to your lungs during an asthma attack.

  3. Mix 1 tsp. of sugar with 1 tsp. of brown mustard oil. Swallow a spoonful of the mixture several times a day.

For best results, use organic sugar and consume the mixture on an empty stomach.

  1. Use Mustard Oil With Camphor

  2. Mix 1 tsp. of mustard oil with 1 tsp. of camphor.

  3. Massage the mixture onto your chest.

  4. Lie back and breathe deeply, allowing the vapors to penetrate your lungs and alleviate the discomfort of an asthma attack.

This is a good way to clear your bronchial passages of phlegm and mucus.

  1. Treat Asthma Mustard Oil and Honey

  2. Combine 1 tsp. of mustard oil with 1 tsp. of honey.

  3. Swallow a spoonful of the mixture. You can repeat this step as often as 3 times a day to help fight asthma attacks.

This particular remedy is most effective when taken on an empty stomach.

So these are some natural ways to fight with Asthma using Mustard Oil.

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