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Know more about Mustard Oil and its culinary uses

Mustard Oil is a term used for two different types of oils which are made from mustard seeds

  1. A fatty acid vegetable oil extracted by pressing the mustard seeds

  2. An essential oil extracted from grinding the seeds, mixing them with water, and extracting the resulting volatile oil by distillation

Mustard Oil is famous for its strong smell, hot nutty taste and plays a vital role in Indian Cuisines, especially in North India. It has a unique taste and aroma and this why it is used for frying, seasoning and tempering.


How to select the best cooking (mustard) oil

  1. Filtered and refined version of mustard oil is readily available in the market

  2. Mustard Oil can be adulterated with argemone oil which turns it toxic, so it is advised to always buy it from a known store and a good brand.

  3. It is usually of nice golden color with strong aroma, please check it before use

  4. Always check the seal of the bottle before buying, and also verify the use-by date.

**Besides being cooking oil, it is also used as massage oil and hair oil.


Culinary uses of mustard oil

Traditionally, mustard oil is the favorite in West Bengal where people love it because of its strong and pungent flavor as most of their dishes are of such taste. Its exclusive flavor is an essential component of a number of dressings and sauces, all across the globe. The best feature of mustard oil is that its flavor does not lingers, it dissipates fast and leave very nominal or even no taste and this is why it is widely used for seasoning, tempering or frying. It has also some characteristic to work as a natural preservative due to its high density. It inhibits the growth of yeasts, bacteria or moulds, etc.

How to Store mustard oil

Mustard oil is best stored in the refrigerator because it will easily go rancid.

Mustard-Oil (1)

Health Benefits of mustard oil

  1. Mustard Oil has a low content of saturated fat and this is the reason why it is considered good for heart

  2. It is known to detoxify human body and prevents fungal growth

  3. Its medicinal properties has a long list and helps to keep the body warm

  4. It is used a massage oil as it helps to relieve joint pains

  5. It helps relieve cold and cough ailments.

  6. It is known for higher proportion of MUFA and is also a rich in PUFA.

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