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Meet the Fit Foodie

Boman Irani readily admits to being a great foodie… he loves good food and he’s always been that way. A brief flashback to his childhood years reveals that he grew up in an area called Nagpada which had a reputation for delicious street food and was also home to some excellent traditional Irani restaurants. As he grew older, his foodie spirit grew more adventurous. He began exploring the many labyrinthine lanes and bye-lanes of Mumbai – discovering a mind-boggling array of culinary delights along the way. His childhood friends looked upon him as an expert on Mumbai street food. If ever these friends had any difficulty in deciding where to eat, they would always ask Boman – the expert foodie in their midst.

Many foodies tend to eat out because the food at home is unpalatable – you know, what with wives enforcing strict diets and evangelising the cause of various health foods and all that. Not so with Boman. As a child, home food was a treat because his grandmother was an excellent cook. And even today, home-cooked food continues to be just as delightful because his wife, Zenobia, has exceptional culinary skills. Not just a foodie… Boman admits that he’s always been a really lucky foodie!

However, in spite of his love for food, Boman knows the importance of balancing his epicurean indulgences with a sane mix of healthy eating and fitness. As a highly successful character actor, his lifestyle is characterised by long shifts, lots of travel in India and overseas, irregular meal timings and a significant amount of stress. Boman is fully aware that the only way to cope with all this is to eat right and stay fit.

One should not be deceived by Boman’s slightly rotund build. He’s as fit as a fiddle and hits the gym with a vengeance whenever the role requires a different body image. For his edgy, menacing role as Vardaan in Don 2, Boman worked with Shahrukh Khan’s personal trainer, Prashant Sawant, to lose the flab, tone his body up and add some muscles to his six-foot-three-inch frame. His daily workout included strenuous cardio, weights and circuit training. He switched to a high-protein low-carb diet – even skipping dinner and settling for protein shakes during his training period. Think back on that action scene in Don 2 – the one in the prison yard where Shahrukh Khan fights Boman, and you’ll realize how fit Boman looks in that scene.


The balance that Boman maintains between his love for good food and the need for fitness and healthy eating habits makes him an ideal brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil. For thousands of years, mustard oil has represented the perfect blend of flavoursome cooking and healthy eating. The aspect of its health benefits was reiterated in a study conducted by the Harvard School of Medicine in collaboration with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and St John’s Medical College, Bangalore, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study revealed that the regular use of mustard oil in one’s diet reduces the risk of Coronary Artery Disease by over 70 percent.

No other edible oil brand has placed as much trust and confidence in mustard oil as P Mark has. For more than eighty years, the brand has focussed single-mindedly on making the best mustard oil. While other edible oil manufacturers have dabbled in soya, rice bran, safflower, sunflower, palm and a mind-boggling array of other less healthy oils, P Mark has never wavered from its commitment to mustard oil. In fact, Puri Oil Mills Limited (the company that manufactures P Mark) has a vision to be acknowledged as “The last word in Mustard”.

For the Harvard School of Medicine, its discovery of the health benefits of mustard oil is a very recent one. However, for millions of Indians it is something they have known for several millennia – mustard oil has always been a part of their culinary habits, their age-old recipes and their Ayurvedic medicinal formulations. That’s why at P Mark, we’ve dedicated ourselves to mustard oil for more than eight long decades – with a deep sense of pride, unshakeable confidence and undying passion.

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