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Mustard oil -A blessing to our homeland

The world has come closer like never before and one major change we are witnessing is in terms of the living style and food habits. People are well acquainted with cuisines of different countries like never before. Not only do they have access to sumptuous variety of delicacies and their preparation methods, this global scenario has brought people together for a phenomenal cultural experience. But the question is if all the adaptations and changes are good? After years of research, scientists have found that nature is the best expert and there is a reason why a particular fruits/vegetable grows in a specific region/season. For an instance, Watermelon, which is a rich source of electrolytes, sodium and potassium grows in summers. Similarly, we need lot of Vitamin C intake in winters, which nature provides us in abundance in form of winter seasonal citrus fruits like oranges.

Mustard Oil Benefits

                                                                 Mustard Oil Benefits

The same is the case with vegetable oils. Different countries have different cooking methods and the debate often arises as which oil can be tagged as the best in all categories. Well, the answer to this is very simple. People have long favored the oils that are extracted from locally grown plants and vegetables and thus these oils have become symbolic identity of those regions. Climatic conditions not only determine the flora and fauna of a region but also have immense influence on the particular variety of edible oil to be used there. Nevertheless Olive oil is often considered best for countries like US and Italy, Palm oil for countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand; the auditors have found that it may not have the same desired effect in India. This is because of various factors like cooking style, climatic conditions, temperature etc.

Though vegetables and other infused oils enjoy a fair share of popularity, the health benefits that Mustard oil provides are unmatchable. Also, since it the key word in describing the health benefit of locally grown is “fresh.” Since the produce is local, it is fresher than produce that has been shipped from other countries an indigenous product.

 Mustard Oil is found majorly in North India and is considered as a blessing to North Indians because of its numerous features, like:

  1. Lowers cholesterol levels and hence the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Mustard oil is a type of good fat that body requires. With a high content (nearly 60%) of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), it is known to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and efficient reduction in cholesterol levels.

  1. Prevents Cancer

Medical studies have shown that Mustard oil significantly reduces possibilities of gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers.

  1. Excellent for digestion

Mustard oil aids digestion by stimulating production of digestive juices that help you savor you food while doing the much needed favor to your digestive organs.

  1. Prevention from common cough and cold

The nasal blockage during cough and cold can be cured by inhaling mustard oil and application on chest and nasal openings and provide instant relief.

  1. Activates sweat glands

Mustard oil also stimulates the sweat glands which opens the pores on skin. This helps your skin to refresh and the body to cool down. All the toxins, salt and excess water find a way out of your body through these stimulated pores.

  1. Supreme Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties

Along with its cooking benefits, mustard oil is exceptional anti-bacterial oil that can be applied to wounds, rashes and cuts for instant relief. Inflation on skin can also be cured with it.

  1. Your one stop beauty solution

Be it you scalp, skin or hair care, mustard oil is a boon. It is excellent for massages that yield blossoming skin and hair care regime that combats hair fall and thinning. It can also take care of skin tan and blemishes and checks premature graying.

  1. Keep malaria at bay

Mustard oil is strong pungent oil with significantly bitter taste. The slightly stifling smell is effective enough to give mosquitoes a hard time, thus saving you from outbreak of malaria.

North India has all the suitable conditions that complement production of mustard oil. The availability of this miraculous oil in abundance should be banked upon by every person.

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