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Please Wear a Face Mask

The clear and present danger of COVID-19 continues to surround us, and till an effective vaccine arrives on the scene our ability to stay safe depends entirely on us. Increasingly, scientific research being conducted all over the world points to one safety measure that all of us can adopt with ease: wearing face masks when we go outside our homes; and ensuring that our family members and loved ones wear face masks too.

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine used high-speed video to analyse the movement of droplets that were generated by people simply saying “stay healthy”. The study found that hundreds of droplets of 20 to 500 micrometres in size were generated each time the phrase was spoken. Significantly, nearly 100 per cent of these droplets could be blocked simply by wearing a face mask.

Another report published in the Nature Medicine journal studied more than 3,300 participants across two phases and found that persons suffering from influenza or the common cold transmitted significantly reduced amounts of respiratory viruses when they sneezed or coughed – if they were wearing a face mask.

Recognizing the critically important role that face masks can play in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Puri Oil Mills Limited (the makers of P Mark Mustard Oil) has chosen to dispense with the typical festive season promotional offers and has decided instead to proactively encourage face mask usage by giving a free face mask with every 5-litre pack of their mustard oil.

So till the vaccine comes around… or till a better preventive measure can be discovered, please wear a face mask. Stay safe from the dreaded Coronavirus, and keep others safe as well.

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