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Puri Oil Mills promoting “Made in India” edible oil – The Mustard Oil

“Make in India” is the buzz word these days after Indian Prime Minister initiated a major national program to make a manufacturing hub.  The Prime Minister’s invitation to the world to “Make in India” has been favorably received and enthusiastically welcomed by Indian business and industry. He also appealed to all the Indians to use indigenous goods to celebrate the festival of Diwali during this year. He stressed that this is the duty of every Indian to encourage the use of indigenous products during this Diwali and contribute in building a strong and self-sufficient economy of the country.

Against the backdrop of this clarion call, Puri Oil Mills Limited takes pride in the fact that it has steadfastly adhered to the ideal of “Make in India” for eight decades. Even in the face of huge imports of edible oil, it has remained true to its unwavering commitment to the health and wellness benefits that mustard oil offers. In fact, long before the Prime Minister’s call to “Make in India”, the television commercial for the company’s flagship brand – P Mark Mustard Oil – featured Bollywood celebrity, Boman Irani (currently the brand ambassador for P Mark) asking a housewife “Made in India Kyun Nahin?” (Why not “Made in India“) when he finds her deciding to buy edible oils imported from Malaysia, Italy and the US.

Mustard Oil is innately Indian and has played a vital role in health and wellness for several millennia, the earliest recorded references to mustard oil dating back to at least 5,000 years. Puri Oil Mills Limited celebrates this rich legacy by continuing to use the traditional Indian cold pressing method – the Kolhu system – which is natural, ecologically safe and completely free from chemicals and toxins. In its journey along the “Make in India” route, Puri Oil Mills Limited has received quality awards and accolades from the Indian Government and from International Quality institutions – and has earned the trust of millions of consumers, especially in several North Indian states where the brand is a household name. Their unshakeable belief in mustard has led the company to embark on a mission to elevate mustard oil to the status of “India’s National Oil” – just as soya oil, olive oil and palm oil are seen as being valued products from the US, Italy and Malaysia, respectively.

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