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The Mustard Buzz – It’s getting Louder!

Can you hear it? There’s a buzz and it is getting louder: Mustard Oil! Mustard Oil! Mustard Oil!

Suddenly everybody’s talking about Mustard Oil. Around a decade ago, Mustard Oil was taken for granted – an old oil, perhaps even an old-fashioned oil… nothing exciting about it. It had been around for thousands of years. Somewhere along the way, it had become part of the parcel of goods offered via the Public Distribution System (Ration Shops) – and that wasn’t very favourable for its image.

So what lies behind this suddenly resurgence of interest in Mustard Oil? Well, P Mark Mustard Oil is proud to have played a role in this resurgence. We were the first brand to start advertising Mustard Oil when it was treated as just a commodity. We were the first to take Mustard Oil on to mainstream media channels. It made people sit up and take a new look at Mustard Oil.


Then the medical fraternity started talking about Mustard Oil. In India, eminent cardiologist Dr S. C. Manchanda told his patients to shun refined cooking oils and to go back to traditional oils – in particular, Mustard Oil. Along the same lines, an American Ohio-based cardiologist, Dr Narinder Saini called Mustard Oil the “ultimate edible oil for the Indian heart”.

Then a landmark study published by the Harvard School of Public Health changed the image of Mustard Oil dramatically. The study found that switching to Mustard Oil as a dietary choice reduced the risk of Coronary Artery Disease by more than 70 percent. We aren’t talking about a mere 30 or 40 percent reduction here. It’s 70 percent… and a 70 percent risk reduction is definitely significant.

So that’s what the buzz is all about. Mustard Oil is back! And everyone’s talking about it.

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