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The Mustard Cooking Experience

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In the old days, when the kitchens (Rasoi) were outhouses set apart from the rest of the household, it was the delicious aroma of Mustard Oil that signalled to the family that the preparations for lunch or dinner had begun. This aroma is quite a mouth-watering experience. It hones the appetite and gets the taste-buds tingling in anticipation of the meal that lies ahead.

Chef Abbas Bhat, a specialist in traditional Kashmiri Wazwan cooking, recalls how the aroma of Mustard Oil wafting from the kitchen during the preparation of Wazwan dishes would signal to the entire Mohalla (locality) that a feast was being prepared in a particular home. Just the aroma was often more than enough to raise spirits and kick off the festivities.

Even today, the experience of cooking in Mustard Oil is different – and unique. The oil must first be heated on a Medium flame. After some time, the oil reaches its smoking point and wisps of white smoke rise from the pan. The rich aroma of Mustard Oil fills the kitchen. The golden yellow oil takes on a silken texture that is a delight to behold – unlike any other cooking oil.

No matter how much oil you have in the cooking pan, food cooked in Mustard Oil will never be oily or greasy. That’s because among all other cooking oils, Mustard Oil has the lowest rate of absorption in the food being cooked. This too is a vital part of the mustard cooking experience.

And lastly, there’s the assurance of health. Mustard Oil is good for your heart; good for your blood pressure; it controls cholesterol and balances your triglyceride levels; it protects you from bacterial and microbial infections; and it improves the functioning of your digestive system – in particular, your gastrointestinal tract. No other cooking oil gives you such a wide array of health benefits.

So enjoy the “Mustard Experience” – the aroma, the flavour, the colour, the texture, the joy of cooking and of course, the amazing health benefits.

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