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Why our times were better than today- Words of wisdom from our year old consumers!

While our Christmas Gallore and free sample distribution campaign of P Mark Mustard Oil, we happen to meet this senior lady and we couldn’t stop ourselves getting inspired by her energy and vigor. Even at this senile age she was radiating dynamism and was enjoying a fit life. As the team was also doing research on mustard oil, its consumption pattern and consumer behavior, we somehow figured out that it’s more of an old generation which is in advocacy of using mustard oil. Also, during our visits near parks, we found that it’s the old people who spend good amount of their time and efforts to practice a healthy life. They also shared their thoughts, that, with today’s foible lifestyle and unhealthy practices, this young generation, when will reach in their age, will have no stamina and health left. The reason of early heart attacks, sugar and blood pressure cases, and the root cause is the sedentary work life and blind race of following the West.

So the team did some researched and collated the feedback from different experienced sources and our healthy consumers to know what are the various old time practices that we at present have left behind .Here are few of the points that we have collated:

  1. Use of mustard oil

Mustard oil was a very integral part of Indian Kitchen, they not only use mustard oil in cooking but it has many other usages like used in hairs, skin and massages. Now different types of oil like refined oil, olive oil and canola etc has replaced the use of mustard oil in cooking and different types of lotions has replaces the use of mustard oil on skin and hairs.

Even the research and the study conducted by experts from All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS ) and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital compared fat content in different cooking oils, including olive oil, canola oil, mustard oil and sunflower oil, and its findings were reported in the February issue of the Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

  1. Drinking water in Tamba

This was a common practice when there were no water purifiers or filters .Keeping water overnight in tamba jug kills the bacteria of water and gives many other benefits life stimulates your brain, improves thyroid glands, helps in beating arthritis, slows down ageing, stimulates digestive system and aids in weight loss by proper metabolism.

  1. Waking up early

Waking up early is very beneficial as it keeps you proactive, more energetic, makes you plan your day life easily and provides time to exercise and remain fit. It’s been proved that early risers are more optimistic in nature and remain free from depression.

  1. Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an ayurvedic practice which is believed to be more than 3000 years old which whitens teeth, increases energy in body, detoxifies the body, aids hormonal balance in body, educes headaches, keeps skin clear and healthy and maintains oral hygiene. All these problems are very common in today’s young generation.

  1. Drinking warm water

Drinking warm water kills bacteria and provides several other benefits like cleansing digestive system, aids constipation, alleviates pain and sheds extra pounds of body by maintaining metabolism rate. Also it improves blood circulations, halts premature ageing and provides many other benefits to body.

  1. Drinking milk and haldi

It is very beneficial in treating digestion of body, helps to skin in many ways, acts as general body detox agent and helps in blood purification. Turmeric is also known to combat Alzheimer’s disease and lowers the risk of cancer.

  1. Using tulsi in tea

Tulsi is very beneficial to human body and drinking tulsi tea supports respiratory system, acts as an anti-oxidant, releases stress and boost your immune systems.

It would be not wrong to say that though the technology and science has grown by leaps and bounds, anything new is not good. There is wisdom and reason behind the age old practices. We must first evaluate and access carefully as what is good and what is fad, and then only reach to a conclusion!

Wish you a healthy life!

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