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Best Cooking Hacks for Indian Food

Indian cuisine is renowned for its vibrant flavours and intricate cooking techniques. However, busy lifestyles demand faster kitchen routines without compromising on taste. This blog shares Indian cooking hacks that will save you time and boost flavour while cooking your favourite Indian comfort food!

Best Cooking Hacks for Indian Food
Cooking Hacks

Best Cooking Hacks for Indian Cooking

1. The Secret to Soft Chapatis To achieve soft, fluffy chapatis, knead the dough with warm water and a touch of warm milk. Let it rest for 15 minutes before rolling. For perfectly round chapatis, rotate the dough while rolling or use a round cutter for that flawless shape.

2. Quick Kheer Preparation Cooking kheer can be time-consuming. To prevent it from sticking, start with a splash of water in the pan before adding milk. A heavy-bottomed pan is ideal for even cooking without boil-overs.

3. Flavorful Dals and Curries Enhance your dal by dry roasting the lentils beforehand. For curries, use ripe tomatoes and cook the masala on a reduced flame to intensify the flavors.

4. Efficient Meat Cooking When cooking meat, start on a low flame to lock in the flavors, then turn up the heat until tender. Marinate with yoghurt to tenderize and add a gram flour coating for that extra zing.

5. Non-Sticky, Fluffy Rice Avoid sticky rice by adding a few drops of oil and a squeeze of lemon juice to the cooking water. The grains will separate beautifully, ready for a quick stir-fry or pulao the next day.

6. South Indian Delights in Less Time For softer idlis, add pre-soaked sago or cooked rice to the batter. Keep quality sambhar powder and essential condiments like curry leaves and asafoetida at hand for a quick, flavorful meal.

7. Using Leftovers Wisely Transform last night's mashed potatoes into a delicious breakfast toast or mix the residue from homemade ghee into dough for soft parathas.


Incorporating these Indian cooking hacks into your culinary repertoire can significantly reduce your time in the kitchen. Experiment with these tips and enjoy the essence of Indian cooking every day.

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