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Boman Irani discovers Mustard Oil… while Shooting!

Here’s a short video featuring a conversation with Boman Irani in which he talks about – among other things – his discovery of the delights of food cooked in traditional Indian mustard oil.

Being a quintessential Bombay boy, Boman Irani had never experienced the flavour of Mustard Oil – in spite of being a passionate foodie. This is probably because Mustard Oil is not used in Parsi cooking.

But things changed when Boman entered the acting profession. The shoot locations for many of his films took him to North India. And there, in small eateries and dhabas, he discovered this new, intriguing and unique taste: Mustard Oil!

But we’ll let Boman narrate that story – after all, no one can tell a food-related story like Boman Irani can!

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