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Embrace Health with Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Updated: Jun 4

Health with Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil
Health with Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

In recent years, the medical and scientific fraternity has started cautioning people about the adverse effects of processed foods (in particular, ultra-processed foods) on the body. Such foods are known to cause obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high LDL (bad cholesterol) and even certain types of cancer. Doctors and nutritionists are, therefore, recommending that it is best to choose foods that are either raw or minimally processed.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cooking Oil

It is important to apply this same parameter to the oil that you use for cooking. Refined oil is heavily processed and poses several health risks. Cold-pressed oils are the best because they are minimally processed.

Take the case of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. The oil is physically extracted from mustard seeds using temperature-controlled processes so that the extract is not heated to a point where the nutrients in the oil get destroyed. The traditional ancient Indian methodology for extracting Mustard Oil involved slow-crushing of mustard seeds in a rotary kiln called Kolhu drawn by a bullock. In current times, the kiln is automated but the rest of the process remains largely the same. However, instead of a rustic cottage industry environment, modern manufacturing facilities produce oil in hygienic, food-grade environments equipped with advanced machinery, in-process quality checks and product testing laboratories.

The Benefits of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Here’s the best part: the process does not entail the mixing of any additives, chemicals, artificial colours, emulsifiers, flavours or aromatics. Nothing! The oil is 100 per cent natural with a wide array of vital nutrients, all of which remain intact throughout the cold-pressing process. It is clear that Mustard Oil produced through cold pressing falls within the category of raw or minimally processed food ingredients recommended by specialists, and it does not contain any external substances that may have an adverse effect on your health.

So stay away from unhealthy processed and ultra-processed ingredients. Enhance your daily diet with the natural, unspoiled attributes of cold-pressed Mustard Oil – packed with vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and healthy fats.

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