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From One Specialist to Another

To understand the importance of the specialist in today’s world, ask yourself this question: When is the last time you visited a General Practitioner? The GP’s role has been taken over by specialists and super specialists. Today it’s all about cardiologists and oncologists and nephrologists. As Boman says in this video: Zamaana hai Specialization ka (This is the era of Specialization).

We can see this phenomenon all around us, in every field of endeavour. Engineering has developed an array of specializations: aeronautics, aerospace, information technology, automotives, rail technology and so on.

The world of business too has evolved a host of specializations as it goes global and becomes more complex: operations management, logistics management, e-commerce, organizational behaviour and a lot of other complicated stuff.

Even Bollywood is full of specialized jobs now: Director, Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Art Director, Choreographers, Set Designers, Costume Designers and a whole lot more.

And let’s not forget the specialist character actor in this video. From quirky college principals (Professor Virus) and menacing gangsters (Vardaan) to goofy businessmen (Batuk Patel) and serious biographical roles (Gandhi and Kailash Satyarthi) – Boman Irani has done them all. That’s why he is riding on a high – after all, it’s the era of the specialist.

And that’s what makes this video so interesting – here’s the character acting specialist talking about the Mustard Specialist

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