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Which Mustard Oil Do You Use?

P Mark Mustard Oil

P Mark Mustard Oil

If you ask consumers: “Which Mustard Oil do you use?” they will probably tell you the brand. But then you ask: “No, no – which Mustard Oil?” And you’ll probably draw a blank stare… because for most people Mustard Oil is Mustard Oil.

The point we are trying to make here is that when many consumers think they are giving their family the goodness of traditional mustard oil, they are in fact being duped. There’s a lot to watch out for when you buy Mustard Oil.

The oil that you should seek is traditional Indian cold-pressed Mustard Oil, commonly referred to as “Kachchi Ghani” by some consumers. This is mustard oil extracted at low temperatures using wooden rotary oil mills known as Kolhu. This oil is 100 percent natural with no chemicals or additives.

Sadly, in today’s market there are many aberrations that pass themselves off as mustard oil. There are oils blended with (cheaper) refined oils; there are oils extracted using methods that involve chemicals; there even are oils that have no pungency – with the pungency being artificially added later.

These not-so-great “versions” of Mustard Oil are being marketed in many deceitful ways – by calling them low-smoke mustard oil or non-pungent mustard oil. Please be careful – because these do not give you the enormous health benefits that cold-pressed Mustard Oil has always offered… for thousands of years.

So that brings us back to our question: “Which Mustard Oil do you use?”

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