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Which Type of Mustard Oil is Good for your Skin?

As winter sets in and the weather turns cold and dry, it has a rather unpleasant effect on one’s skin. The skin loses moisture and becomes flaky and itchy; and it looks scaly and lacklustre. Taking a bath provides a temporary sense of respite – but soon the skin turns dry again.

This sends many people scurrying for moisturising creams. Not really a good idea – because most of the moisturizers available on the market contain various harmful chemicals. These include BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) which has carcinogenic risks; Parabens which are known to increase the risk of breast cancer; and petroleum-based ingredients like mineral oils and paraffin.

Instead of taking unnecessary risks, it’s better to fall back on one of Grandma’s tried and tested home remedies: Mustard Oil. There was a time when young generation consumers would respond to such a suggestion with an emphatic “Eww” or “Yuck”, but not anymore. Today’s young consumers are highly aware of ancient home remedies, and many of them are already using Mustard Oil as a natural moisturizer.

There are many attributes that make Mustard Oil an ideal moisturizer for your skin. First, it is rich in natural Vitamin E – which keeps your skin soft, supple and hydrated. It also prevents wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Secondly, Mustard Oil has a natural heating property – this opens the pores of the skin and allows the oil to penetrate deep inside, thereby ensuring more effective hydration. This heating property of Mustard Oil is the reason why many people use the oil for a pre-bath rubdown during the cold winter months.

Many people who have heard about these skincare benefits wonder: Which Mustard Oil should I use? Should I use the one in my kitchen? The answer is Yes. Just check the label to make sure that it is Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil (also known as Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil). That’s the one to use. However, if the label says Refined Mustard Oil or Double Filtered Mustard Oil, we would not advise you to use that for skincare. Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil is 100 percent natural and has all the attributes we mentioned earlier.

So listen to the wisdom of your grandmother – use Mustard Oil to take care of your skin during the cold, harsh and dry winter months.

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