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A Night at the Studio… with Boman Irani

A little over a year ago, a section of Bombay’s famed Elphinstone College was all lit up and bustling with activity – even though it was well past midnight. No it wasn’t a college event – it was Boman Irani shooting a new television commercial for P Mark Mustard Oil, a brand for which he has been the brand ambassador for more than half a decade. And the experience was memorable!

That section of the College turned into a studio that night with sets and costumes and lights and stands and screens and supporting actors scurrying around while technicians went about their work with professional composure.

At the centre of this maelstrom was Boman Irani – in what must have been quite an uncomfortable ensemble: a longhaired wig and a heavy ornamental kurta-pajama. Undeterred by these trappings, Boman was in his element. Shooting each scene with meticulous care, delivering a sterling performance and hopping over to the video-assist screen to watch the replays of the takes and suggest changes.

The outcome was a scintillating television commercial that used edgy humour to drive home a powerful Brand Message: Only a Specialist can truly appreciate another Specialist – thereby underlining in the minds of the audience, the enduring role played by P Mark Mustard Oil as ‘The Mustard Specialist’.

The online version of the ad attracted a staggering 2.4 million views. When Boman posted the ad on his Facebook page, it got over 100,000 views in just a few days.

What a night that was! And oh, what an immaculate artiste Boman Irani is!

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