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Advice from a Wise Cardiologist


The last decade has seen doctors – in particular, cardiologists – coming out in support of using cold-pressed Mustard Oil for a healthy heart. This blog has often mentioned the unstinting support that Dr S. C. Manchanda has always expressed vis-à-vis the idea of making Mustard Oil one’s primary (if not sole) cooking medium.

Now another eminent cardiologist has come forward with similar views. Dr Bharat Rawat does not believe that refined oils are healthy. Moreover, he views the current craze for olive oil with a sense of disdain – pointing out that this oil is unsuitable for typically Indian cooking methods that involve deep frying and making gravies. Like Dr Manchanda, he too believes that the age-old oils like Mustard Oil and Ghee are the best for Indian consumers.

Dr Rawat has a very interesting – and holistic – approach to heart health. He recommends a subtle combination of stress reduction, good eating habits and regular exercise as the three pillars of cardiac health. Stress reduction includes anger management, avoiding negative thinking and using meditation to calm the mind. Good eating habits include switching to Mustard Oil or Ghee as one’s cooking medium and curtailing one’s oil intake to 15 milliliters per day (which is a rather challenging target for Indians).

Dr Rawat’s “formula” for cardiac health is simple: he asks you to surround yourself with happy people, healthy food and enjoyable physical activities.

Listen to this wise cardiologist – just do it!

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