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An Exotic Cashew Pickle


On this blog we have looked at fruit pickles, vegetable pickles and meat pickles – now it’s time to try something with nuts! Yes, let’s try a pickle with Cashew Nuts.

These are the ingredients that you will require:

  1. Cashew Nuts: 50 grams

  2. Mustard Oil: 100 millilitres

  3. Mustard Seeds (Rai): 2 teaspoon

  4. Red Chillies: 2

  5. Red Chilli Powder: 2 tablespoon

  6. Fenugreek (Methi) Powder: 1 teaspoon

  7. Asafoetida (Heeng): Just a pinch

  8. Garlic: 100 grams

  9. Urad Dal: half-a-teaspoon

  10. Channa Dal: half-a-teaspoon

  11. Lemon Juice: 60 millilitres

  12. Curry Leaves: 5

  13. Salt: 2 teaspoon


Split the cashew nuts into crescent-shaped halves.

Grind the mustard seeds into a coarse powder.

Peel the garlic and keep aside.

Finely chop the red chillies.

Wash and sterilize a glass or porcelain pickling jar and wipe it dry. Let it dry completely. Once again, make sure it’s completely dry… there should be no droplets of residual moisture.


Pour the lemon juice into a large bowl. Add the ground mustard seeds, red chilli powder, fenugreek, asafoetida and salt. Mix well. Add the cashew pieces and continue mixing.

Heat the Mustard Oil in a large pan on Medium heat till the oil reaches its smoking point. Put one or two tablespoon of this oil in a frying pan and sauté the garlic till it turns golden brown.

In the large pan, add the Urad Dal, Channa Dal, red chilli and curry leaves. Next add the sautéed garlic and the cashew nut-spices mixture. Remove from the flame, and let the mixture cool down.

Carefully pour/transfer the contents into the large pickling jar that you had sterilized and dried earlier. Cover the mouth of the jar with a clean, dry muslin cloth and tie it firmly with a cord around the neck of the jar. Place the jar in the sun (ideally outdoors in a place like a terrace, a balcony or a window sill). Remember to bring the jar indoors at night to prevent moisture from setting in. Repeat this process for around four to five days.

Your delicious Cashew Garlic Achaar is now ready to make a grand entrance on your dining table. Enjoy it with food, family and friends.

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