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Boman Irani – Many Faces, Two Sides

Over the years, as a specialist character actor Boman Irani has had many faces, many personalities and, of course, many quirks. However, he believes that at a basic level there are only two dimensions involved in creating memorable onscreen characters: External factors and Internal factors.

He explains this by using the character of Professor Virus (3 Idiots) as an example. The external factors are what the audience sees – the outlandish wig; the trousers that come up all the way to the character’s belly; the weird style of walking; and the permanent sneer. By the way, for that sneer, Boman had to wear a double gum under his upper lip!


However, it is the internal factors that create the real character. More importantly, they define the rationale underlying the character. Continuing with the example of Professor Virus, the wig and the attire depict an old fashioned, traditional person. The walk exudes the arrogance and the sense of self importance that is deeply ingrained in the character. The sneer is, of course, a symbol of the utter disdain with which he treats people in general and his students in particular.

Boman points out that the internal factors represent the real core of the character. They are the building blocks. The external factors flow from these building blocks.

This is an idea that resonates very strongly with all of us at P Mark Mustard Oil (for which Boman Irani is the brand ambassador). The essence of the brand lies in its values, its ethics, its relentless commitment to quality, and its dedication to creating customer delight – over and over again. This has been the essence of the brand for more than eighty years. The outward manifestation of these attributes is a trusted product, attractive packaging and long-term brand leadership.


Both these dimensions – the inner and the outer – have made P Mark Mustard Oil a brand that has been trusted across generations. Both these dimensions have played a key role in making P Mark the Mustard Specialist.

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