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Coming Home to Great Food

Even if you are a passionate foodie, there is a limit to how much of eating out and gastronomic adventures you can regularly undertake as a part of your lifestyle. Sooner or later, you will find yourself happily returning to the joys of good old home cooked food.

Boman Irani echoes this very sentiment in the video below. And even though Boman loves eating out – he knows exactly where to go hunting on the streets, bye-lanes and fine dining spots all over Mumbai, depending on the mood he’s in – in the long run, he always looks forward to coming back to the familiar flavours of delectable home cooked food. Of course, in Boman’s case, he’s got good reasons for doing so: he’s lucky to have always had an impressive line-up of great cooks in the family – his grandmother, mother, sisters and his wife.

While discussing the joys of home cooked food, Boman makes another interesting point – about the differences between Festival Food, Holiday Food and Daily Food… and the fact that there’s a time and place for each one of them.

So… what’s your favourite food that you love coming home to?

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