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Professor Boman Irani’s Acting Classes…

It was past three in the morning and we were chatting with Boman Irani in his vanity van after the shoot of the television commercial for P Mark Mustard Oil. It was a very interesting experience and the conversation was scintillating. Among the plethora of topics that he discussed lay some gems for budding actors and for all those who are movie buffs.

Boman explained how he created the character of the Tabla Maestro in the new ad. Yes, there was a quirky, edgy look that emerged from an outlandish wig and an elaborate ethnic costume – but Boman doesn’t believe that wigs and costumes can create a memorable character. And he’s right – the iconic Professor Virus wasn’t just about the wig… nor was the memorable Dr Asthana created by his bald look.

In this short video, Boman talks about going the extra mile to create special characters. For the role of the Tabla Maestro, he actually took tabla lessons, which included studying and learning the body language and nuances that are typical of experienced tabla players.

Boman Irani Birthday Greetings!

The video also contains some practical pointers for young actors starting out in the industry: Boman tells them not to get intimidated by senior actors and those who are ahead of the curve. He tells them to do what they are expected to do – give it their best shot! Success will follow in due course.

Boman says that all actors should put their 100 percent into every role they play – it may or may not bring them fame or success, but this attitude of giving one’s best constitutes the crucial stepping stones that lead to fame and success eventually. And Boman should know… after all, he’s been there done that!

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