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Some Questions about your Cooking Oil

Some Questions about your Cooking Oil

Here is a set of pertinent questions about your Cooking Oil…

  1. Is your cooking oil 100 percent natural?

  2. Does your cooking oil have antibacterial properties?

  3. Does your cooking oil have antifungal properties?

  4. Does your cooking oil have antiviral properties?

  5. Does your cooking oil have anti-inflammatory properties?

  6. Does your cooking oil reduce the risk of coronary vascular disease?

  7. Does your cooking oil lower bad cholesterol?

  8. Does your cooking oil boost good cholesterol?

  9. Does your cooking oil prevent hypertension and high blood pressure?

  10. Does your cooking oil contain natural antioxidants?

  11. Is your cooking oil totally free from chemicals and artificial additives?

  12. Can your cooking oil also be used for healthy hair care and skincare?

There’s only one cooking oil that can evoke a “Yes” answer for each and every one of the above questions – Mustard Oil. (By the way, this would also explain why our organization has focused solely on Mustard Oil… for more than 80 years)

So if you are a health-conscious person, and if all your answers to the questions above weren’t “Yes”, maybe you need to rethink your choice of cooking oil.

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