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Talking About This and That… with Boman Irani

For close to four years now, Boman Irani has been the Brand Ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil and has participated in the creation of some truly memorable advertising for the brand. Recently, the P Mark Mustard Oil Marketing Team went back to Mumbai for another day’s shooting with him and inevitably, the trip brought back memories of the shoot for the brand’s current campaign featuring Boman as a quirky Tabla Maestro.

One of the high points of that shoot was its joie de vivre. Boman’s infectious enthusiasm and his indefatigable spirit created just the right conditions for a memorable shoot – and a great ad. The shooting for the ad went on all through the night – but Boman showed no signs of being tired. In fact, even at 4 a.m. when most of the team were bleary-eyed and drowsy, Boman looked as fresh as a daisy!

The storyline was simple… a Tabla Maestro settles down for a recital… but a whiff of delectable food being cooked (in P Mark Mustard Oil) at the recital venue makes the maestro speed his performance up – so that he can hurry away to the dinner table. In the process, he rushes his musicians so much that the saarangi player busts his bow, the sitar player breaks a string and the harmonium player’s keys get jammed. And as the hapless musicians try to catch their breath, the Ustad rushes off the stage. As he tucks into the food, the maestro explains that only a specialist can recognize another specialist – highlighting the status of P Mark Mustard Oil as The Mustard Specialist since 1933.

The ad had an extensive run on television across various entertainment and news channels. The YouTube upload of the television commercial garnered close to 2.5 million views. The ad was also posted by Boman Irani on his own Facebook page – and was viewed more than 100, 000 times.

The experience of shooting with Boman Irani keeps getting better – and more enriching. The recent shoot was just as scintillating. It involved a series of freewheeling conversations with this amazing character actor. We will share these videos very soon right here, on this blog… so stay tuned!

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