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The “Super Oil”


The term “Super Oil” was coined by doctors at Bel Marra Health who were carrying out a study on the comparative health benefits of Olive Oil versus Mustard Oil. In the Western world olive oil is widely considered to be the healthiest oil. However, these doctors eventually concluded that there was an oil that could surpass Olive Oil on all parameters – that oil was Mustard Oil, and the doctors called it a “Super Oil”.

It isn’t only olive oil that loses in a contest against Mustard Oil. Most of today’s cooking oils fail to deliver the enormous health and nutrition benefits that Mustard Oil does.

For starters, Mustard Oil has a profound protective, preventive and regenerative effect on the heart – in fact, it’s not just the heart but on the entire cardiovascular system. It protects blood vessels; it repairs damaged blood vessels; and it improves both the quality of blood as well as blood flow.

Mustard Oil contains a unique nutrient called allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) which gives the oil its characteristic pungency. It also bestows upon Mustard Oil powerful cancer-fighting capabilities. This is why Mustard Oil is currently being used in the treatment of cancer – especially colon, stomach, intestinal and colorectal cancer.

Unlike any of the other regular oils in use across India, Mustard Oil is the only one that is proven to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These attributes go a long way in preventing infections and other diseases. Mustard Oil also has a favourable effect on blood pressure and blood lipids, preventing hypertension and controlling cholesterol.

So embrace Mustard Oil with pride and trust – for it is a Super-Oil with amazing health benefits.

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