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The Voices of Our Customers


One of our loyal customers, Mrs Surbhi Raina, who has grown up with P Mark Mustard Oil right from her childhood has written a wonderful consumer review in a leading consumer feedback website.

As a Brand, we have always been customer-centric and have listened attentively to the voices of our customers. That’s why we are truly gratified by her fulsome praise and would like to share it with all of you.

This is what Mrs Surbhi Raina has to say…


My earliest recollections are of a happy childhood spent in Srinagar. Particularly vivid are my memories of sitting in our huge sprawling kitchen while my grandmother cooked my favourite dishes. I clearly remember what I used to sit on – a tin of P Mark Mustard Oil. I have grown up with the taste, the aroma and the gentle touch of this fantastic product. All the food in our house was cooked lovingly by my grandmother and my mother in P Mark. The delicious fragrances of the steaming dishes would draw me into the kitchen – hungry, fascinated and thrilled. To keep me away from the open fires, my grandmother would make me sit on a P Mark tin in one corner of the kitchen. And it wasn’t only the cooking – I also remember my mother massaging this oil vigorously all over my body before a bath. Even today, my skin (and hair) is rich and healthy – and I think I owe that to P Mark. Just like my grandmother, my mother too was an amazing cook. And unlike my grandmother, my mother wrote all her recipes down in an old tattered diary. This diary exists even today, and is among my most treasured possessions. Leafing through the pages of this diary, one would notice that under the ingredients for each recipe, my mother never wrote “mustard oil” – she always specified: P Mark Mustard Oil.

During long stretches of my working life, I often found myself in cities in which P Mark was, sadly, not available. I would be compelled to prepare my recipes in some other brand of mustard oil – and they never tasted quite the same. It wasn’t a psychological problem; ask my husband: he too will confirm that something in the flavour had changed… and not in a good way. Then I was transferred to Delhi – where I was delighted to find P Mark once again. It was truly a happy reunion! And soon my dishes sprang back to life. There it was: that endearing flavour, the seductive aroma and that rich thick texture. People say I’m a great cook; they love my recipes and they always want to photocopy pages from the old diary. And I always tell them: remember… the magic ingredient is P Mark Mustard Oil.


P Mark Mustard Oil

P Mark Mustard Oil

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