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Winter’s Balm

Winter_s Balm

In the good old days, your parents and grandparents would indulge in a soothing, relaxing and invigorating mustard oil massage just before taking a bath; more so in winter because a mustard oil massage had the power to drive away coughs, colds, body aches and other niggling winter ailments.

Well… winter is beginning to set in across many parts of the country so let’s revisit this tried, tested and trusted concept: the pre-bath Mustard Oil Massage.

Take a tablespoon of Mustard Oil in a bowl. Make sure that it is cold-pressed mustard oil also known as Kachchi Ghani mustard oil. Next add two tablespoons of mustard powder. Mix it thoroughly with the mustard oil to form a paste. Now add hot water (not boiling, just comfortably hot) – enough water to create the right consistency for a body massage. Don’t make it too watery.

Just before your bath, rub this mixture vigorously (but leisurely) all over your body. As you rub the oil in, use gentle massaging motions for the forearms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, thighs, calves and torso. Don’t hurry – take your time. Mustard oil has a natural heating action that opens up the pores of the skin, thus allowing the anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil to work at deeper subcutaneous levels. In a few minutes, you will begin to experience this effect in your limbs and joints.

When your massage is complete, just wash the oil off with soap and water as you bathe. Oh, what a rejuvenating feeling!

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