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A Power Potion for Winter


Winter – the season for colds, coughs, congestion and sniffles – is here, but there’s no need to surrender helplessly to these irritants. Here’s a way to create your own “Power Potion” to protect yourself and your family from the typical ailments that winter brings in its wake.

For this ancient tried and tested home remedy, you will require cold-pressed Mustard Oil, garlic pods and carom (Ajwain) seeds. Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan. When the oil reaches its smoking point add the garlic pods and carom seeds. Continue heating till the garlic pods turn dark brown and the carom seeds turn blackish.

Turn the flame off and let the Mustard Oil cool down to room temperature. Strain the oil and keep it in a jar. To keep colds, coughs and congestion at bay, massage your chest, throat and the soles of your feet with this oil every day. It is also perfect for children since it is 100 percent natural – this oil has no chemicals and no pharmaceutical ingredients that may cause unpleasant side-effects. So safe!

And if you find the winter sniffles catching up with you, just apply a little of this oil around your nostrils. It’s really effective!

So as winter sets in get your “Power Potion” ready for the chilly battle that lies ahead.

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