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A Powerful Spokesperson for P Mark Mustard Oil

In its journey since 1933, P Mark Mustard Oil has taken several pioneering steps that have reinforced its market leadership along the way. It was the first brand of mustard oil to use mass media to build its brand equity and salience. It was the first evangelist for mustard, educating people on the health benefits offered by mustard oil. As it emerged as an established FMCG brand, it decided to sign on a brand ambassador to increase its share-of-voice.

Interestingly, in choosing its first celebrity brand ambassador, P Mark Mustard Oil went beyond the stereotypical choices of picking someone from amongst Bollywood’s leading ladies and starlets. Instead it picked versatile character actor Boman Irani. It was a perfect choice and Boman went on to make some truly memorable advertising campaigns for the brand. The campaigns worked well for two reasons – one: Boman brings a powerful sense of credibility into the way he talks about the brand (and the product); and two, he injects just the right amount of humour to make the ads quirky and memorable.

In this short video, Boman talks about the reasons for which he signed up as the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil – the reputation and trust earned by the brand across more than eighty years, the ethics and values of the company, and the passion of the people working tirelessly to take P Mark Mustard Oil to the next level of excellence.

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