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A Simple Story – A Life-changing Lesson

The grand Indian epic – The Mahabharata – has been an integral part of our social and cultural fabric for many millennia. It contains valuable lessons for almost every situation in life; from everyday living guidelines to insightful business strategies and management techniques.

In this video, Boman Irani narrates one of his favourite tales from the Mahabharata. And he tells it like only Boman Irani can – with intensity, simplicity and focus.

Focus – that’s the very essence of this story. This is a lesson in the art of concentration – a simple technique that can be used for enhanced learning, skill development, manufacturing excellence and leadership strategies.

Nobody understands the importance of focus better than Boman Irani. He has used this technique to create some his most memorable characters. When he begins reading the script for a new character, Boman first focuses on the inner aspects: Who is this person? What drives him? How does he think? What are his passions, his peeves and his ideals?

Next, Boman focuses on the outer manifestations of these traits. How does this character behave? What are his quirks and oddities? What is his social persona?

Creating this character begins with focus, and that’s what this amazing story is all about. But we’ll let Boman narrate it for you – because nobody can do this better than he can!

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