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Boman and His Balancing Act

Boman Irani changes his look and his persona so frequently and so effortlessly that his fans are no longer surprised by his transformations. From starving himself to mere skin-and bones for an amazing portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in a play to turning all paunchy and flabby for the role of Professor Virus, and lean, mean and edgy for playing the villainous Vardaan, Boman changes shape with ease. In fact, he becomes a different person!

So when Boman suddenly slimmed down recently, his fans started wondering which new role he was getting ready for. Is it Karan Johar’s Drive? Could be. The first-look for the film has just been released and fans are eagerly waiting to see what Boman’s look will be. And yes, a little bird tells us that Boman has just signed on for yet another new film.


In a recent press interview, Boman underplays this new, fit look. He says that for a while “Boman the Foodie” had been enjoying life too much – and it began showing up in his waistline. So he decided to start focusing on getting back to fitness – but not by turning to crash diets. He believes that just like eating, dieting too should not be taken to extremes.

“You need to balance”, he points out. And that’s a valuable tip that every ardent Foodie should keep in mind.

You can read the press interview here:

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