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Boman and the Missing Pickle

Boman Irani finds himself in a plaintive mood in this fun-filled video. What’s the matter? Well, he’s ordered a meal – and it has arrived, but Room Service forgot to deliver the achaar (pickle).

So Boman throws a playful tantrum, at the same time explaining why the pickle is so important to him. He says he’s essentially an Indian at heart – and Indians certainly love their pickles; that would explain the mind-boggling variety of pickles one can see all across the country. Believe it or not – there are thousands of different types of pickles and pickling recipes out there, each more delicious than the next.

Mustard oil is an integral part of India’s pickling tradition – a tradition that, according to food historians, is more than 4000 years old! It adds that delightful touch of zing to everyday meals and even mundane food can be made more enticing with a touch of pickle. More importantly, mustard oil is a natural preservative that makes your pickles last for months – even years! That’s the reason mustard oil has been the preferred medium for pickling across generations, particularly in north India.

Ask around and you will find that everybody seems to have their very own favourite pickle. Boman says his all-time favourite since his childhood is Mango Pickle. What’s yours?

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