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Boman Irani – Always Ahead

Whenever Boman Irani plays any role, one is always struck by the dimensions he adds to the character – the subtle nuances, quirks, body language, movements, facial expressions, gestures and lots more. How does he do it? Where do these ideas come from? The answer is that they come from weeks of painstaking advance preparation. The secret of Boman’s uniqueness lies in his ability to take a completely fictitious character and build a distinctive persona from scratch.

Such advance preparation sometimes entails crazy stuff – like learning to write with both hands in order to play the role of Professor (Virus) Sahasrabuddhe in 3 Idiots. Or like learning Scuba diving at his age for an underwater scene in Happy New Year. Or like starving himself down to skin-and-bones for essaying the role of Mahatma Gandhi in a play. Boman has done it all – and with aplomb.

He even went as far as to learn stunt driving for a car chase scene in Don: The Chase Begins. For Boman, creating a character is not just about reading a script and imagining a new character… it’s about actually doing the things the character would do – and doing it with conviction. That’s why the preparation is so important.

At P Mark Mustard Oil, we know this facet of Boman Irani all too well. As our Brand Ambassador, Boman was playing a Tabla Ustad – a quirky, comedic role – in one of our ad films. He actually took a series of Tabla lessons as his preparation for the role. In this short video clip shot in Boman’s vanity van during the making of the film, he talks about his preparation for this role.

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