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Boman Irani and the Nostalgic Tweet


Boman Irani was obviously in a nostalgic mood when he tweeted this… and it’s a sentiment that we share – literally! Because we (the P Mark Mustard Oil Team) were there on the night that Boman is talking about – and it was an unforgettable experience.

Boman Irani on the sets of the P Mark Mustard Oil television commercial was a livewire act in the true sense of the word. His energy was unbelievable – and it was contagious! Catching this creative bug, the entire Production Crew went into overdrive and delivered a film that hasn’t lost any of its charm or relevance, even after the passage of five years.

Watching Boman and the sheer perfection of his performance, one realizes what goes into his creation of dazzling characters like Professor Viru Sahasrabuddhe, Dr. Asthana and Lucky Singh. Boman’s eye for detail, his fine sense of comic timing, and his ability to add enormous credibility and passion to the lines he speaks – these are the attributes that have made him a character acting specialist par excellence.

That night, the shoot went on for a gruelling fourteen hours – with no breaks. Boman was always on the sets… because he was in every scene… but he showed absolutely no signs of fatigue. Even at the end of the fourteen-hour shift, he looked fresh and remained hyperactive.

We share Boman’s sense of nostalgia about this ad film. It was truly a night to be remembered!

You can watch the online version of the ad here:

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