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Boman Irani and the Tiny Mustard Seed

He is a renowned and much admired character actor in Bollywood movies. He has played some truly iconic roles that will remain in public memory for years to come. He is the inimitable Boman Irani and all his fans and movie buffs know about his amazing histrionic skills. However, there’s another lesser known dimension to Boman: he is a much sought after motivational speaker. Not really surprising, is it? After all, his narrative skills are awesome – he can tell some really great stories… just like he does in this video.

Boman tells you all about the journey of a single mustard seed as it undergoes the process of turning into pure mustard oil. He talks about the rigours involved in ensuring stringent quality standards that can be trusted – batch after batch.

As Boman points out, it is a multifaceted endeavour beginning with the sourcing of mustard seeds from farmlands known for superior crop quality and going all the way to using advanced research methodologies and high-tech laboratory equipment to create healthy cold-pressed mustard oil that makes food taste great.


Interestingly, renowned brand and marketing guru Philip Kotler states that customers look at a product as a “bundle of attributes” that satisfy their needs – these attributes eventually translate into brand values. Boman’s story ends up explaining how a simple everyday kitchen item like mustard oil eventually became an iconic brand trusted by millions of consumers across generations.

And it all begins with a tiny mustard seed!

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