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Boman Irani has a Flashback

What makes movies a fascinating medium is their ability to travel back and forth in Time. So here’s Boman Irani taking you into flashback mode, travelling back to the past to share memories of his first ad film for P Mark Mustard Oil. In doing so, he asks a question that has become one of the most memorable dialogues from the ad film: “Made in India Kyun Nahin?”

Boman certainly has a point – there is this new trend these days of running after cooking oils imported from other countries. Some of these may indeed be manufactured in India now, but the concept is borrowed from some other country. Take the current fad for olive oil as an example. It is pretty to look at and it comes in attractive packaging – but the much touted health benefits work only in the context of a Mediterranean lifestyle and climate; not in a tropical country like India.

Boman points out that we have our very own oil – Mustard Oil – and it has been around for thousands of years. Its health benefits are well established and modern medical science is asserting that it is indeed the best cooking oil for a healthy heart.

So the next time you are tempted by attractive looking oils beckoning to you with their glamorous packaging, do remember Boman’s extremely pertinent question: Made in India Kyun Nahin?

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