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Boman Irani is Amazed!

If you are a Hindi movie fan, then there’s one thing that you already know: Bollywood movies are full of double roles and triple roles and multiple roles. There’s a movie called Naya Din Nayi Raat in which the late Sanjeev Kumar played nine different roles! Madhuri Dixit played five different roles in M F Hussain’s Gaja Gamini. And more recently, Priyanka Chopra has played twelve roles in a single movie – one role for each sign of the Zodiac.

However, in spite of being a part of Bollywood and being familiar with its penchant for multiple roles, Boman Irani didn’t expect to see Mustard Oil in so many roles. Like so many others, he thought it was just a cooking oil.

It is only when Boman became the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil did he start exploring the product category – and was blown away by the multifaceted wonders of this Superstar Super Oil.

But we won’t say anything more… we’ll let Boman tell you all about it – because nobody tells it like Boman Irani!

Boman’s sense of wonderment is captured in this short film – and you can clearly see that he is all wide-eyed and amazed. And with good reason too!

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