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Boman Irani shares some Food for Thought

Boman Irani is well known in Bollywood for two things: for being an amazing character actor and for being one big foodie! In this film, he makes an interesting point while talking about Indian food – it’s oily. Yes, we Indians like our food oily… it is an essential part of the culinary experience. Steaming, stewing, roasting, boiling… no, that’s not what we Indians like.

That brings us to the real issue – the importance to choosing the right cooking oil.

You can’t go wrong with an oil that’s 100 percent natural; an oil that has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years; an oil that has a healthy balance of essential fatty acids; an oil rich in antioxidants; and most importantly, an oil known to be ideal for heart health.

It is mustard oil we are talking about and Boman points out that everybody’s talking about it too – and that includes doctors and cardiologists in India and abroad.

In an earlier post on this blog we highlighted this aspect – the buzz that surrounds Mustard Oil these days along with the fact that it is steadily growing louder. Boman adds his baritone voice to this buzz and he says: Mustard oil is the one – go for it!

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