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Chicken Legs… Dancing in a Mustard Gravy

Chicken Legs… Dancing in a Mustard Gravy

Across Bihar and Bengal, food lovers do amazing things with Mustard Oil. Here’s an example: succulent chicken leg pieces in a mouth-watering Mustard gravy.

Let’s begin by putting together the ingredients that you would need:

  1. Chicken, leg pieces: 1 kilogram

  2. Mustard Oil: 3 tablespoon

  3. Mustard Paste: 2 tablespoon

  4. Onions: 5

  5. Tomatoes: 2, chopped

  6. Green Chillies: 4

  7. Turmeric (Haldi) Powder: Just a pinch

  8. Cumin (Jeera) Seeds: Just a pinch

  9. Ginger Paste: 2 teaspoon

  10. Garlic Paste: 1 tablespoon

  11. Garam Masala Powder: 1 teaspoon

  12. Green Cardamom: 5

  13. Cinnamon: 1 stick

  14. Bay Leaf: 1

  15. Sugar: 1 tablespoon

  16. Salt: 2 teaspoon

Preparation: Grate the onions. Wash the chicken legs and put them in a bowl. Add the grated onions, ginger paste and garlic paste to create a marinade. Mix well. Cover the bowl and keep it aside for one hour.

Method: Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on a high flame. Continue heating till the oil reaches its smoking point. Add the sugar and continue heating till the sugar gets charred.

Next, add the cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, green cardamoms and bay leaf. Cook till they crackle and become crisp.

Reduce the flame to Low. Slit the green chillies and sauté them. Add the chopped tomatoes and continue frying till a thick gravy is formed.

Add the marinated Chicken Leg pieces and continue cooking on low heat for around 15 minutes. Keep turning the chicken pieces over to ensure even cooking.

Add the salt and the turmeric powder and continue cooking. The chicken pieces will now take on a golden-brown hue.

Add half a cup of water and keep stirring. Add more water if the gravy becomes too thick – but don’t overdo it. This dish doesn’t come out too well if the gravy is watery.

Now cover the pan and let the contents simmer for around 20 minutes on low heat. At regular intervals, uncover the pan and stir.

Once the chicken leg pieces are well-cooked, add the Mustard Paste and mix well. Continue cooking for a minute or so… and your delectable Chicken in a Mustard Gravy is ready.

Serve hot with steaming rice or Roti’s. Let the heady taste and aroma of Mustard overpower your senses!

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