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Colds and Coughs… Vanquished!


The onset of the festive season also means a slight nip in the air; gentle signs that winter’s on its way. However, this change of season can also bring some undesirable elements: coughs, colds, sniffles and fever.

Here’s a relaxing and invigorating way to keep such problems far, far away. Try a Mustard Foot Bath.

Take a bowl that is large enough for you to dip both your feet into. Crush a handful of mustard seeds into pulp and mix it with around 100 ml of Mustard Oil. Alternatively, you could also mix two tablespoons of dried mustard powder in Mustard Oil. Now add hot water… not too hot; just hot enough for you to comfortably dip your feet into it.

Now sit comfortably. Place both your feet in the bowl and relax. Read a magazine or watch some television. Keep your feet in the Mustard Foot Bath till the water becomes lukewarm.

Now towel your feet dry and enjoy the warm, soothing sensation of total relaxation, especially after a hard day’s work.

You could also heighten the efficacy of your Mustard Foot Bath by giving your feet a vigorous Mustard Oil rub once you are done with the foot bath.

Goodbye Colds and Coughs!

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